These are always on tap.

Macdonough’s Ghost

4.5% ABV - A creamy oatmeal stout made with tons of roasted barley and oat malt to create a silky, smooth quaffable brew.

Angry Musket IPA

6.0% ABV - An IPA crafted with an abundance of rye malt and American hops.  A strong bitterness up front gives way to a citrus hop flavor and finishes with an aroma of fresh citrus fruits.

Plucky Rooster Ale

5.0% ABV - A copper ale brewed in the colonial tradition of Washington and Jefferson. Brewed with Canadian Barley, English Rye, American Hops and a touch of molasses to create an authentic nod to beers of our fore-fathers.

Spitfire Red Ale

5.2% ABV - A red ale crafted with a complex malt flavor and aroma and the right balance of American and German hops.

Zephy’s Golden Ale

5.0% ABV- Our lightest offering, brewed with 50% wheat to create a bubbly easy drinking ale with a hint of German hop flavor and aroma.
An easy intro to craft beer.


Dr. Beaumont’s Brown Ale

5.7% ABV - A deliciously malty brown ale with a sweet, roasty aroma and hints of chocolate with just enough American hops to balance the sweetness.

Double IPA

7.4% ABV – Crafted with an abundance of American and Australian hops, this DIPA has the flavor and aroma of tropical and citrus fruits. Sure to please the biggest hop head!